Spam Casserole

I am well aware that after reading the title of this recipe I probably lost about half of my readership.  I know that spam is just one of those things that you either love it or hate it, with no in-between.  But for those of you who stuck around, either out of curiosity or because you actually like spam, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at this recipe.

My memories on the origin of this recipe are a bit fuzzy, but my mom has been making it at least as long as I've been alive.  My mom was never a tuna noodle casserole fan so she experimented with alternatives and spam casserole was born.  Ever since I was a kid, this was one of those dishes that made everything better if I was having a bad day.

1 can spam
1 can condensed cream of mushroom soup
2 slices of American cheese
2 tbsp milk
1/4 cup mayo
3 cups macaroni, cooked and drained
potato chips

While you're cooking the macaroni on the stove, combine the spam, cream of mushroom soup, cheese, milk, and mayo in your food processor and pulse away until the spam is chopped up into small chunks.  If you lack a food processor just chop the spam with your knife and mix everything in a bowl.  When the macaroni is done, drain it and add it immediately to a bowl with the spam mixture and mix everything together.  Put this into a lightly greased microwave-safe baking dish and top it with your favorite crushed potato chips.  I'm a fan of regular Lay's myself, but some people prefer wavy chips on top.  Put your dish in the microwave and cook it uncovered for 10 minutes.

There you have it, spam casserole.  If you haven't been scared off by the spam yet I really urge you to try out this recipe.  Not only is it one of the quickest casseroles I know how to make, but it is by far the tastiest.  

Spam on Foodista


  1. I thought it was gross when I first had it at Meg's house as a kid but I now make it for my family and it is a hit and tastes better than tuna

  2. The last time I heard of ANYONE using Spam was when I entered into a baking competition at the East Tennessee State Fair ... no ... I didn't enter into the Spam contest but I recall someone who did and her poor husband was her test-this-please-victim ... kidding ... I think she won a ribbon.

    I don't know Meg ... the picture looks pretty good, but I think I'll check out the Chicken French! :o. Happy Cooking ~j.

  3. LOL great post Meg! I'm not a spam fan, but I am a tuna casserole fan like you made. I just add a handful of frozen peas to it before I bake it.

    Hope your holiday weekend is super tasty! :)


  4. I love Spam, and i find it strange for those who don't. I remember Andrew Zimmern who hates the spam musubi. He cant imagine a processed pork that didnt taste like pork. I mean, how do you explain the process hotdog that didnt taste like beef or pork too? And why other people fancy it so much. Just a thought! Your spam casserole looks rich and creamy and very filling... Stopping by from SITS!

  5. That's a great point about hot dogs! I'll have to bring that up the next time I meet somebody who claims not to like spam.

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  7. I never thought I'd see anyone use "tasty" and "Spam" in the same sentence!

  8. Following you from the Blogmania blog hop!

  9. My Dad would love this recipe. We are Hawaiian and back in the day, they would eat SPAM everyday in his house.

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  12. i am almost embarrassed to admit this, but i have never tried spam...but my hubster loves maybe i will try this out on him!

  13. You know I always see Spam on the supermarket shelves here and have wondered what it is used for. I never see anyone buying it nor do I know anyone who cooks with it so this is a great recipe for me to start with and try it for myself:-)

  14. My husband is going to be so happy, he loves Spam, me not so much, but don't mind making him things he likes, I can eat salad.



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